Opening Night of Holiday Inn

We are officially open! The long and grueling preview/tech week is over and now our show can live and breathe on its own. Thankfully, our cast and crew are the most lovely humans and handled many challenges with grace. I cannot wait to spend this holiday season with them.

This show is such a delight to be a part of. Dancing to Denis Jones’ choreography set to Irving Berlin’s music is just a dream- can’t believe we call it work since it feels more like playtime. At what other job does someone get to say that they tapped while jump roping? NO OTHER JOB!! Let me tell you that it feels as thrilling as it looks. Yes, of course there are nights where we mess up, but hey, it is what it is and you laugh it off. We are singing Christmas songs after all- can’t get too down on yourself.

Anyway, check out these opening night pictures and come join us at the Holiday Inn!


Laura Savage