"mellow, strong and expressive voice"

"charming and delightful dancer"

"marveled at all the little touches she brought to her role"


Million Dollar Quartet

“The cast also includes Laura Savage as Elvis’ lady friend Dyanne. Her “Fever” confirms the worse nightmare of every rock and roll-hating parent of the Eisenhower Era. Sporting a dress that would be inside out if it were any tighter, Savage’s “Fever” makes it unapologetically, unmistakably clear that the song is a vertical expression of the horizontal desire.”

-Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun Times

“As Elvis Presley’s talented and vivacious girlfriend, Chicago favorite Laura Savage more than holds her own on this testosterone-filled stage of performers. As she did in Chicago productions of “42nd Street,” “Cats” and “Pal Joey,” Ms. Savage once more dazzles vocally, especially with her sultry version of “Fever.” Later she lights up the stage with brassy, R&B classic,“I Hear You Knockin,”.”

-Colin Douglas,  Chicago Theatre Review

“Laura Savage boogies through several numbers with a captivating hip swinging zest and perhaps her two numbers are subtle reminders of how white performers of the day reaped the commercial riches from the music they usurped from more deserving black artists.”

-Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theatre Review

42nd Street

“Enter Peggy Sawyer (Laura Savage, a formidable talent who, in this marathon role, easily makes the leap — in real life — from supporting actress to triple-threat star)."

-Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

“Peggy (played here by the charming and delightful dancer Laura Savage)... Savage's Peggy is certainly an empathetic heroine. You want her to succeed - which is crucial with this show. Savage is stepping up here, and stepping out, from the Chicago storefront scene."

-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“As Peggy, Savage is every bit the triple threat of her character. She exudes a genuine sweetness and an infectious smile that keeps Peggy's naivete from becoming cloying."

- Lisa Friedman Miner, Daily Herald

“And then there's the incredibly talented triple-threat performers who bring these colorful characters to life. Jeff nominated actress, Laura Savage, who for years has been delighting audiences all over Chicago, stars as the little girl from Allentown who makes it big on Broadway. Ms. Savage's perky, ceaselessly smiling Peggy Sawyer not only becomes the star of "Pretty Lady," the musical's show-within-a-show, but she has earned her title as Chicago's newest leading lady of the musical stage. Singing and tapping unbelievably like the pro she is, Ms. Savage easily holds her own with every member of this entire talented cast."

-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“The story is about one Peggy Sawyer (Laura Savage who truly shows what a talent she is- wonderful voice and can she move), who has come to New York to make her mark on Broadway."

-Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

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The Spitfire Grill

“The impressive Laura Savage leads a powerful cast through a tepid she sings the expository number, Savage's guarded body language emphasizes Percy's vulnerability and fear, but her powerful voice suggests strength beneath the surface...Savage gives a beautifully transformative performance."

-Oliver Sava, Time Out Chicago

“Laura Savage has a mellow yet strong and expressive voice, selling her numbers in a pop-inflected yet controlled manner. As an actress she amazingly covers all of Percy's bases- from hard and guarded to vulnerable and pained, and ultimately to joyous and caring."

-John Olson, Chicago Theater Beat

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“For great character dancing, look to Jonny Stein and Laura Savage, who both wow with their double-act acrobatics as the petty-criminal calicoes Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.

-Scott C. Morgan, Daily Herald

“Other triple-threats who impress include Jonny Stein and Laura Savage working in tandem as mischievous lookalike kitties Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer."

-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“There is not a weak link in this cast, including Jonny Stein and Laura Savage's acrobatically skilled Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser."

-Elee Schrock, Broadway World

Cinderella…After the Ball

“Laura Savage as Rapunzel provides the modern day audience with a more recent Disney princess connection and channels a sweetness that is inherent to that character. As far as Disney counterparts go, all three actresses hold their own insofar as each of their voices can stun and captivate an audience."

-Erika Brown Thomas, Chicagoland Musical Theatre

“Lovely, ultra-talented Laura Savage is a pint-size powerhouse as Rapunzel."

- Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“...Rapunzel (superbly brought to life by Laura Savage)..."

-Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago


“About two minutes after Savage first appears, the spectators know they are watching a special performer, a Bernadette Peters in the making. Savage can sing, dance, act and she has a terrific stage presence. I never took my eyes off her while she was on stage and I marveled at all the little touches she brought to her role, even when the action was focused elsewhere. Watch her manipulate a ragdoll while she is tied to a chair and gagged during “Snuff That Girl”. She couldn’t move or speak but her facial expression and eyes gave a wonderful comic performance."

-Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theatre Review

“... Hope, the striking Laura Savage, who has a powerful voice and is a name you will be seeing more of in the years to come. Abounding talent."

-Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

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